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Episode 03 – Understanding Audience Types

Human relationships are best when they follow a natural, unforced course that created likeability and trust. Business is no different.  If someone is too pushy, it’s a “turn-off” to want to do business with them. Knowing the different types of audience temperatures is critical in your advertising.  It helps you know when to back off, […]

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Episode 02 – Why Pay for Advertising?

This is where the road gets bumpy.  Paying for ads that don’t work is horribly frustrating! This is where many studio owners give up, which creates a powerful opportunity for you. By understanding the true value of a client you can create an advertising budget that is profitable. In this episode, John gives you the […]

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Episode 01 – Facebook vs Google

A mistake often made is not understanding how a platform is being used by its audience. You can reach the same person with Facebook or Google, but they will often be in a completely different mindset when using one over the other. You need to adjust your strategy to the medium being used or you can […]

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Episode 00 – Introduction to Studio Marketing Secrets

The moment you open your own teaching studio or academy, you become an entrepreneur.  While this may not be the reason you got into this business, the fact remains you are now responsible for filling your schedule with students, which can be daunting. Studio Marketing Secrets is dedicated to helping you breakthrough to business success. […]

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