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Episode 03 – Understanding Audience Types

Human relationships are best when they follow a natural, unforced course that created likeability and trust.

Business is no different.  If someone is too pushy, it’s a “turn-off” to want to do business with them.

Knowing the different types of audience temperatures is critical in your advertising.  It helps you know when to back off, and most importantly, when to ask for the sale.

In this episode, John delves into each specific type and gives you specific advice on how to correctly approach each one, resulting in more sales and profit.


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About the Author John

John Henny is a leading vocal educator and the creator of popular online courses for teachers and singers. He also runs the John Henny Music Academy with his wife Tracee. He loves marketing (which helps him make money) and bulldogs (which costs him money), so it balances out in the end.