Episode 01 – Facebook vs Google – Studio Marketing Secrets

Episode 01 – Facebook vs Google

A mistake often made is not understanding how a platform is being used by its audience.

You can reach the same person with Facebook or Google, but they will often be in a completely different mindset when using one over the other.

You need to adjust your strategy to the medium being used or you can be wasting your ad dollars.

Facebook especially requires a specific approach, one that your competitors are likely missing.

In this episode, John delves into how audiences use each platform and how you can tailor your approach to get maximum results from your marketing.


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About the Author John

John Henny is a leading vocal educator and the creator of popular online courses for teachers and singers. He also runs the John Henny Music Academy with his wife Tracee. He loves marketing (which helps him make money) and bulldogs (which costs him money), so it balances out in the end.