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Episode 07 – Your Marketing Ready Website

Everyone knows they need a website but are you using yours to your best advantage?

I see many mistakes with music teacher sites, especially from the potential student’s point of view.

Is your site about you or about the student?

Are you talking about what you have done (your resume) or what you can do for the student (problem-solving)?

Have you designed to make browsing easy on a mobile phone?

You need to make sure every step of your marketing journey leads the client to see you as the best solution to THEIR problems.

In this episode, I go into the key elements you need to have on your website, and the major mistakes to avoid.




About the Author John

John Henny is a leading vocal educator and the creator of popular online courses for teachers and singers. He also runs the John Henny Music Academy with his wife Tracee. He loves marketing (which helps him make money) and bulldogs (which costs him money), so it balances out in the end.