Episode 00 – Introduction to Studio Marketing Secrets – Studio Marketing Secrets

Episode 00 – Introduction to Studio Marketing Secrets

The moment you open your own teaching studio or academy, you become an entrepreneur.  While this may not be the reason you got into this business, the fact remains you are now responsible for filling your schedule with students, which can be daunting.

Studio Marketing Secrets is dedicated to helping you breakthrough to business success. John Henny is a well-known Los Angeles voice teacher, who also operates a thriving music academy with hundreds of students.

In this podcast, John shares many of the techniques that made his academy a thriving business and the information he gives can help you do the same.


About the Author John

John Henny is a leading vocal educator and the creator of popular online courses for teachers and singers. He also runs the John Henny Music Academy with his wife Tracee. He loves marketing (which helps him make money) and bulldogs (which costs him money), so it balances out in the end.